Taking Reservations

A new year and a lot has happened since my last post.  I will be more regular in my updates from now on. Yesterday we hosted an Open House for the Lexington & Rockbridge Tourism Office.  We had nine people here to see our facility and hear about the exciting future for Shenandoah Art Destination.  We gave them a tour and served them yummy hors d’oeuvres, so they can attest that the meals will be delicious – they were very impressed by what we are doing.  They have mentioned us in the April issue of BlueRidge Country magazine. We have been advertising full force for the upcoming 2013 season.  You can find us in ads coming out in the next issues of Virginia Living, International Artist, and ARTnews.  Plus there will be a feature article in the on-line International Lifestyle Magazine as well as you can find us on other internet travel & art related websites.  Our courses are starting to fill up – for a quick overview of the courses check out the “Course Availability” page. Jan-Willem has been busy designing a new logo for the Shenandoah Art Destination and painting some new pieces for the Artisans Gallery in Lancaster, PA where he is currently exhibiting.  He will be a featured guest artist in a local gallery in the month of...

Three Busy Months:

The summer months have flown by – first the BIG move and then the work began to get this fabulous property back up and running to its potential.  We have scrubbed, painted, trimmed, repaired, replaced, furnished – you name it; all has been done to have the Shenandoah Art Destination up and running.  The potential of this place is over and beyond what we had even imagined.  The peace and the quiet combined with the beautiful nature is definitely the perfect setting to get those creative ideas flowing.  From one season to the next the surrounding nature shows yet a different dimension to beauty.  We have seen it in full summer – leaves thick and green; to the turning of the colors and the dropping of the leaves alongside the creek; to the barrenness of the trees which shows the vulnerable side of the beauty.  Which do you want to paint???  I agree, hard to chose.  But, one thing is for sure, no matter what time of year, there will always be something to inspire you.  So stay tuned – we are working on our schedule for 2013 – to be posted soon.  You will definitely want to get a spot...

A new beginning in Virginia

Nancy: Welcome to Shenandoah Art Destination, a fabulous place in the heart of both the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and the Allegheny Mountains, a perfect place where artists can rest and relax while challenging their inner creative self.  Let me explain how this came to be.  My artist husband, Jan Willem, and I have been involved in the art world for over 30 years.  Jan Willem, born with a natural talent, has been drawing anything and everything since he was old enough to hold a pencil/crayon.  His first large piece we have was created when he was six years old and is framed and hanging in our gallery.  Over the years he channeled his talent working in the commercial world in every medium possible; branching out into the gallery world with his oil or acrylic on canvas paintings and then adding teaching his art skills  to interested artists.  I immersed myself in the art world by being his Art Representative and also for 9 other artists (all different mediums and styles) and several photographers. So how did Shenandoah Art Destination come to be??  Jan Willem and I have been looking for “the next stage” in our life.  We thought about running an art gallery or we thought about traveling from art exhibit to art exhibit.  And then we heard about a couple selling an “art school” in France – what fun, we thought, and how perfect for us.  So we went to visit and we loved the idea.  Actually, we loved the place and we tried to buy it, but that didn’t work out – and we were bummed....

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Shenandoah Art Destination, 325 Union Run, Lexington VA, USA. 24450

Established in 2010, The Shenandoah Art Destination is one of the only, art vacation retreat schools in the United States.  Home to students from all continents, the Shenandoah Art Destination offers rigorous art classes that include painting (oil and acrylic, watercolor, pastel), plein air painting, drawing, airbrush, drypoint, lino, mono printing and mixed media.
The Manors’s beautiful, 10-acre property is located in Lexington, Virginia, 50 miles north of Roanoke, VA.