Local Classes in Lexington Virginia.

TO SIGN UP – call 612-221-1140 or email nancy@shenandoahartdestinnation.com

2022 dates TBD – but you can sign up to get your name on the list of interested class.

A list of materials will be supplied upon sign-up. (If you can’t attend all sessions of a class, price will be pro-rated.)


This class is an introduction to the tools and techniques of still life painting.  Students will work from arrangements of a few simple objects and paint directly from life.  They will learn to set up and control lighting for impact and go through the process of composition finding proportions, and how to see the range of values and color, hue and temperature that are observed.  Students to supply their own materials, but  are available to purchase these as well on site.

Ages: 16 and up (maximum 8 students)
Cost: $175 for 4 Sessions


This class is an oil painting class for all levels.  Learn how to manipulate oil paint to create different surfaces and textures within a painting, creating graphic  and dynamic compositions, working from life or from a photo, choosing your reference, lighting your object.  Student to supply their own materials, bur are available to purchase these as well on site.

Ages: 16 and up
Cost: $175 for 4 Sessions


Drypoint printing is acid and solvent free, making it one of the safest forms of intaglio (etching). Designs are made by scratching into the surface of a flat metal, acrylic, or rubber plate.  The plate is then inked and printed.  In this class, students will learn how to design, etch, and print a black/ white or color intaglio print using an etching press. This is a beginning course–no prior artistic experience required, and is fun for all ages.  Materials provided (see cost).

Ages: 16 and up (maximum 8 students)
Cost: $125 for 4 Sessions. Materials  $45.


Explore Lexington through new eyes while walking the streets and sketching as you go. This class will focus on unique scenes, perspective and capturing mood. Students to supply their own materials. but are available to purchase these as well on site.

Ages: 16 and up
Cost: $115 for 3 Sessions

Any questions? Call 612.221.1140

Email: nancy@shenandoahartdestination.com

Shenandoah Art Destination, 325 Union Run, Lexington VA, USA. 24450

Established in 2010, The Shenandoah Art Destination is one of the only, art vacation retreat schools in the United States.  Home to students from all continents, the Shenandoah Art Destination offers rigorous art classes that include painting (oil and acrylic, watercolor, pastel), plein air painting, drawing, airbrush, drypoint, lino, mono printing and mixed media.
The Manors’s beautiful, 10-acre property is located in Lexington, Virginia, 50 miles north of Roanoke, VA.