Painting the “Blue Pearl” and more of Northern Morocco

with Jan-Willem & Nancy Boer of the Shenandoah Art Destination


 10-day painting retreat

Sep 29 – Oct 8, 2024


Open to all mediums

 10-day painting retreat

Sep 29 – Oct 8, 2024


Open to all mediums

All the information:

Click on each tab – Program, Accommodation, Food, Advantage and Location – to get the total feel of the 10-day program we will follow.

Each day is mapped out where we will be, what we will see and where we will stay.


Workshop Size:  Minimum of 6 artists – maximum 12 (maximum 2 accompanying non-participating spouse/partner)

  Total Cost
Price per artist  (single or double room) $3578 or $3378
Non-artist accompanying $3178
Price per artist (single or double room) $3578 or $3378
Non-artist accompanying $3178

Prices per person in US dollars.   Prices include meals, lodging, entry fees and much more – a full list of INCLUDED  items in the “Tedrart Travel” link above.

There are two parts to the cost (see instructions under Reservations below):

  • Part I – paid to Tedrart Travel
  • Part II – paid to Shenandoah Art Destination

NOTE:  Artists are responsible for bringing all their own supplies, easels, chair – whatever you require.  Once your reservation is made, you will be sent a list of necessary supplies to bring with you. Keep in mind being plein-air sites, walking will be required and artist will be responsible for carrying their own materials/supplies.

Painting Opportunities:

Jan-Willem & Nancy, owners of the Shenandoah Art Destination, are teaming up with Tedrart of Morocco Ecoway to bring you the opportunity to travel to Morocco in the fall of 2024.  Flying into Casablanca our group will head to the northern region of Morocco; some cities we will visit are Asilah, Chefchaoen (the “Blue Pearl”) and Fes.  We will travel by air-conditioned small bus with a local tour guide who will help us experience the sights; will enjoy the wonderful local foods; and have the opportunity to paint the extra ordinary sites we will visit.

A fantastic painting/cultural trip “ALL IN ONE”.

How to get there:

You will need to fly into Casablanca CMN.  You will receive more details once you have made a reservation.

About Morocco Ecoway:

Morocco Ecoway has a unique philosophy – to help preserve the Skoura Oasis; thus their promotion of eco-tourism.  2000 years ago, men had the genius to harness water that was one kilometer upstream; this precious water is still used today by farmers.  All the inhabitants using this water meet regularly to clean the canals. Friendships and partnerships are therefore created, even more so as the community must share the water; the inhabitant’s endeavor to live in harmony with nature and maintain this state between themselves.  Around fifteen types of fruit trees are present in the oasis where biodiversity is therefore rich. This space also makes it possible to irrigate agricultural areas.

The workshops in which tourists participate allows the preservation of the places around the oasis and its way of life, all the while improving it. This means that part of the money is donated to the deployment of educational, cultural and leisure projects for children and young people.  This is how the local school has been able to undergo improvements.  Of course, anyone may also make donations to help keep these projects going.


Reservation:  NOTE (there are 2 parts to the payment):

  • $2778 or $2978 each person (depending on room choice) – paid to Tedrart Travel
  • $600 each for student or $400 each accompanying – paid to Shenandoah Art Destination

To secure your reservation (2 parts/deposits) required:

  • pick “Reserve your Spot Today” link, check the Morocco retreat and pay the $250 deposit to Shenandoah Art Destination
  • click the “Tedrart Travel” link and pay the required deposit

Full payment is due 3 months prior to the course/June 29, 2024. Deposits are non-refundable, however, if minimum number of participants is not met, your deposits will be refunded to you.  Once full payment is received, there will be no refund for cancellation.

Once your reservation is made, you will be sent a list of necessary supplies to bring with you.

Travel Insurance: We strongly advise you to take out your own travel and personal insurance.

*Any issues with payment, please contact us.



“I found on this trip stunning views everywhere I looked, delicious authentic meals, excellent guide staff, a great teacher, and wonderful new friends! I felt very safe throughout our trip, and look forward to joining future painting trips!”

Claudia Scheda

“Painting is an intense way to observe new surroundings and experience a culture. This Shenandoah retreat was extremely well-guided; Nancy and Jan continually take care of you, artistically and practically.  And Morocco is a magical place, one of the more open Islamic nations to grow understanding.” 

Denise Bland

“Nancy and Jan coordinated the perfect painting/travel experience, offering a balanced combination of exploration, art, eating and companionship.  I came into the trip not knowing one of the participants or leaders so had no expectations but was so happy with the ambience and experiences that I got to be part of.” 

Rebecca Davis

“The highlights of my experience were the amazing people we travelled with, the interesting and delicious food and the beautiful and varied landscape we had the opportunity to paint.  The trip absolutely lived up to my expectations. It was a great break from my usual routine. I was able to experience a beautiful country and its people while having time to relax and enjoy painting.  The painting time was perfect for me but I am flexible.”  

Pam Weiss

“Jan is a talented artist and thoughtful teacher.  He provides consistent and helpful feedback to the artists in his charge.  Morocco is a beautiful place full of history and unique experiences to capture artistically.  The camel ride at sunset, climbing a 40 feet high dune and watching the sunrise was a once in a lifetime experience.  The camaraderie amongst the group was unexpected and a joy.  I feel like we have a new group of friends that we will keep in touch with going forward.”   

Anna Conrad & Jim Caldwell

“It was a wonderful trip that I could visit a beautiful country in my dream.  I got to try Moroccan cuisines; they are delicious.  I met beautiful and lovely people in the group as well as in Morocco.  The experience, laughter and friendship will always stay with me.  Thank you, Nancy & Jan, lovely to meet and know both of you.”   

Edlina Ahtarini

Any questions? Call 612.221.1140


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