If you are a partner/spouse/friend and want to come along for the art course and wonder what you can do – let me give you some wonderful options.  First of all, Lexington is full of history and small shops.  There are no franchise stores allowed in the downtown area, so you have wonderful boutiques and interesting stores to browse through along with several art galleries.  To refresh your history knowledge you can visit various museums and Civil War sites or join the “walking tour” hosted by the Visitor Center.  If you love nature there are various places to visit nearby – the Boxwood Gardens are fun to walk through, or perhaps visit the Natural Bridge.   If you want to just get out in nature by yourself and walk we have lots of walking trails close by.  The trails are of various difficulties and lengths, so you can choose what suits you.  The closest trails are just 1.3 miles away.  Or if you want to take a scenic drive the Blue Ridge Parkway is just 15 miles away.  Trust me, you won’t be bored – there is plenty that you can fill your day with.